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The creation process is 100% handmade. It is sculpted in wax before being cast in precious metal.


Blason = from Old French "shield" or "clavicle."

Azurite. comes from the word "lazhward" which means "blue" in Persian, referring to its color. Before being called Azurite, it was called in ancient Greek "kuanos", which means "cyan". It was imported from Armenia or the island of Cyprus.
In ancient Egypt, azurite was ground into powder to make pigments and used for their beliefs. Drawing a third eye on the forehead with this powder was believed to increase one's powers.
Among the Mayans, the azurite is a connection stone with the invisible world.
These azurites come from Morocco.



Ring:                         Sterling Silver 

Stone:                       Azurite from Morocco 


The precious and semi-precious gems we use are natural, no stone is the same, that is why they have different colors and textures, it makes your piece unique, it is not considered a defect.




Stone diameter:            12 X 12 mm  = 0.47"



If your item is in stock shipping takes 3-4 days. Free shipping in Mexico. 
Shipping tu U.S.A. please select "U.S.A." option in the shipping page, before continue to payment. For international shipments write us before making the purchase to be able to quote it, it is important that you put your full address and postal code.
Made to order production takes 8 working days after order is confirmed. 

Remember that all our products are handmade in Mexico that is why our ring sizes are those used in Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada.

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