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If the product is not in stock, it will be manufactured only on request. Production takes 8 working days after order is confirmed.

The creation process is 100% handmade. It is sculpted in wax before being cast in precious metal. 


From Latin vis (“energy, force, power, strength”) + vita (“life”). The power of life.

Talking about energy is talking about vibration. The stones are pure universal energy (raw material of the universe). It is the DNA of the earth and due to its molecular properties and through an electric discharge they are capable of transforming, absorbing, balancing and projecting energy into the mass with which they come into contact. Therefore, they are attributed a strength and quality to transmute and accumulate energy and release it at the necessary moment.

Herkimer quartz is the diamond of quartz. Its brightness, its transparency and its exceptional power to generate energy make it a magnificent ally for meditation. They do not usually form in drusen and appear free within a cavity of their parent rock, the dolomite.



Ring:                         Sterling Silver.
Stone:                       Herkimer.

The precious and semi-precious gems we use are natural, no stone is the same, that is why they have different colors and textures, it makes your piece unique, it is not considered a defect.



Diameter stone:        4 mm ( 0.15" )
Stone Length:           1 cm ( 0.39" )


Free shipping in Mexico. Shipping takes 4-6 days after confirming your order.

Remember that all our products are handmade in Mexico that is why our ring sizes are those used in Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada.

For international shipments write us before making the purchase to be able to quote it, it is important that you put your full address and postal code.

If the product is out of stock, you can write us to check the date it will be available, generally it will not take more than 1 week. 

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