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MOON PENDANT is a piece of sterling silver that represents the lunar surface.
The moon will not be a moon without hearts in love;
without flying thoughts, without poets.
The gemestone is a Moissanite, a stone that cames from outer space. Moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan while examining rock samples from a meteorite crater located in Devil's Canyon, Arizona, in 1893. He initially misidentified the crystals as diamonds, but in 1904 he identified them as silicon carbide.


Medal:                         Sterling silver (oxidized)
Chain:                          Sterling silver.
Stone:                          Moissanite.

Oxidized means that the silver receives an oxidizing process to appear aged.



Medal diameter:         3.5 cm ( 1.37" )
Thickness:                   2.5 mm ( 0.09" )
Stone diameter:          2.5 mm ( 0.09" )

Chain length:             70 cm  ( 27.5" )
Chain width:               6 mm ( 0.23" )



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